Open Garden Beta: Private testing sign-up! *Temporarily Closed*
  • paigemarieepaigemariee
    2870.00Administrator, Moderator
    Be part of our Private Beta! Test Open Garden for non root users.

    How does it work?
    Install the Open Garden Beta application on your Bluetooth capable Android and Mac OS X devices. Once installed the application will automatically form a mesh network enabling any device within the mesh to use the connectivity of any other device 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

    Please note: When Open Garden Beta becomes available to the public for testing, it will no longer be free to install. We want the most dedicated of users to be testing for us which includes accepted applicants for the private beta and those willing to pay once it is made public. Once accepted for private testing, the application will remain free for those users.

    To apply, please leave a comment on this discussion. Any comment not following the format below will be deleted. If you have any questions regarding this form please just fill it out to the best of your knowledge as you will be able to update it once you know the answer.

    About Your Hardware
    For each compatible mobile device or Mac computer you own/have access to test with, please list the following:
    1. Model
    2. Operating System
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection (you must have at least one mobile device with a data plan, the rest can be N/A)

    About You
    Please describe your experiences with tethering, Bluetooth and any other applicable topic.
    Also, please briefly (or elaborately) tell us your interest in Open Garden.

    Thanks for volunteering. If you are accepted, you will receive an email from us stating that you have become an official Open Garden Beta Tester. With that, you will gain access to installing the app on your Android and/or OS X device. You will also have access to a private category titled Open Garden Beta Testing within this forum. Here is where we would like you to post any and all Open Garden Beta related discussions. I repeat, PLEASE post any and all Open Garden Beta testing related discussions in the private forum ONLY.

    Also, please feel free to post discussions and questions regarding Open Garden Inc, our vision, and any public information on Open Garden Beta in this category, Everything Open Garden!

    Good luck from Paige and the Open Garden Team!

    We are closing the application process for now, but keep checking back as we will need further testers very soon. Especially all of you Windows users that I haven't contacted yet... stay tuned.
    Paige Peterson
    Open Garden Community Manager
  • anthenoranthenor
    10.00Administrator, Moderator
    Android phone
    1. Model: Galaxy nexus
    2. Operating System: Android ICS
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection: Verizon - Unlimited Data Plan

    1. Model: Mac Book Air
    2. Operating System: OSX Lion
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection: N/A

    Thanks for having me in!

  • Modèle Asus Transformer
    Android 3.2
  • Android phone
    1. Model: Samsung Fascinate (2 - mine and my wife's)
    2. Operating System: Android Froyo
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection: Verizon - Unlimited Data Plan

  • Android Phones:
    Motorola Milestone (2.1)
    Samsung S2 (2.3.5)
    - Both: Vodafone D2

    possible wlan Clients:


    Acer Aspire 6920G (WIN7)
    Ipad2 (IOS)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    several Desktop Pc's:
    MacPro 2,1 (OSX Snow Leopard)
    XFX 780i based Intel (Win 7 / + Debian)
    ... some more @ office
    HP-UX (Unix ***)

    I'll give it a try ;-)
  • Peter_jPeter_j
    model- samsung indulge
    Os: 2.2.1
    Nwtwork: metro pcs 4g unlimited

    Mac book pro
    Osx lion/windows xp pro
    Network att dsl

  • harleycwharleycw
    0.00Beta Tester
    1 Model: Motorola Droid RAZR
    2 OS: 2.3.5 (Upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0) in the near future)
    3 Verizon Unlimited Data LTE 4G

    I currently tether with USB when necessary but would prefer to use this wireless option.
    Tethering my Motorola Droid RAZR to my IBM W520 Windows 7 Laptop
  • KwangsunKwangsun
    0.00Beta Tester
    Model: Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
    OS: Android Gingerbread 2.3.5
    Carrier: Verizon Wireless with unlimited data plan 3G

    I have no experience with tethering, but have had a few tries at rooting my Samsung. No luck!!!
    I would absolutely love to have a go in the beta since I think it's unfair that Verizon would charge
    for a service that should have been offered free of charge. I mean, if I pay for a data plan that is
    unlimited, what difference would it make to verizon how or what device I use to take advantage
    of my data plan? It's not like it would cost them more money since the ability to tether is in the phone
    and not the network. 3G hotspot capability is free in foreign wireless services. :(

    Have the Open Garden app in my Gal. But doesn't work since phone is not rooted. This opengarden for non-rooted phones will be awesome.

    I will be tethering it to my netbook, mainly an Acer Aspire One AO751h running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit edition.
  • GatorBobGatorBob
    1 Model: Samsung Droid Charge
    2 OS: Android 2.3.6
    3 Verizon unlimited 4G

    I want to be able to tether my:

    1: Asus Transformer Prime
    2: OS: Android 4.0.3
    3. No mobile data plan

    tablet to it over bluetooth
  • Droid Incredible2 GB 2.3.3
    Verizon, unlimited

    Various WIN7 pc laptops
  • Model: Htc droid incredible 2
    Os: android 2.3.4
    Carrier: verizon u/l data 3g

    Comp: lenovo g570 core i3
    os: win 7

    Too much hassle to root phone... Have to roll back to gingerbread 2.3.3 before can attempt... Will root when possible with 2.3.4.... Used android tethering widget until verizon disabled it... Can't wait to use open garden app
  • Model: HTC Thunderbolt
    OS: android 2.3.4
    Carrier: Verizon
    Comp: Toshiba
  • Model: Huawei mercury
    OS: gingerbread 2.3.5
    Carrier: cricket/unlimited data

    First time using Bluetooth tethering

  • Zte 2.3.4 metro mobile.
    The one and only.
  • Ttags102Ttags102
    Beta Tester
    Model: Motorola DROID Bionic
    OS: 2.3.4
    Carrier: Verizon Wireless
    1. Toshiba Thrive.
    Model AT105
    Android Version-
    Carrier- None. Strictly Wifi

    Used to tether when my original DROID was rooted. Then bought a thunderbolt and was able to tether w.o.root. Now That verizon charges for it, I refuse to pay that kind of money for that option. I have had luck with PDA net on my PC but no luck trying it with my Toshiba Thrive tablet. And of course we all know using a cable just isn't the same. I would love to try this product without having to root my phone. I feel like if this works it will be the #1 selling app on the Market. Hope I get to try!
  • I would like to be considered for the Beta Testing for the Open Garden App,

    My Current Phone Model is: Samsung Galaxy Ace
    It is on the Android operating system version 2.3.3
    My carrier is T-Mobile UK and I usually connect to the 3G connection (HSDPA) and I am on unlimited data.

    I have quite a bit of experience with tethering, being mobile quite a lot I like to be able to connect my laptop to the internet where ever I go so tethering my connection is somthing I have learnt over the years. I have experience in bluetooth tethering with a number of previous phones that I have owned using the Bluetooh dongle on my Laptop. I do however pass though a number of diffrent network connections on my travels such as WCDMA connect, EDGE connection and GPRS connection so it will be interesting to see how the app preforms under all three of theese conditions.

    All the best,

  • SkipstoneSkipstone
    Non-root beta application please.

    Droid X System 4.5 (not rooted)
    Verizon 3G Unlimited
    Xoom (Ice Cream Sandwich), multiple notebooks running Ubuntu 10.4 & Windoz 7, Roku XDS, Droid running Froyo, iPad 2
  • corymccollum92corymccollum92
    10.00Beta Tester
    Droid 2 global
    Verizon unlimited data
    PC toshiba

    I have a hard time using the internet with any of these apps
    I would love to see 1 that really works good
    I would love to be a part of the beta program
  • Model: Motorola defy+
    OS: Android 2.3.6
    Carrier: Congstar Flat

    Medion MD 98200
    Ubuntu 11.10
    Windows XP Prof. SP3

    tried to use WLAN tethering with Standard Android Hotspot Software but it doesn't work with Ubuntu.
  • Model: tmobile sidekick 4g
    Os: froyo 2.2.1
    Carrier: tmobile "unlimited' 4g

    Use tethering mainly as a backup for my laptop while in school when school provided wifi is unavaliable.
  • Model HTC Thunderbolt
    Android 2.3.4
    Software 2.11.605.9

    Can't easily root this phone now that 605.9 is on it, refuse to pay ridiculous Verizon fees for wi-fi tethering. I had Alltel (and am keeping my unlimited data plan) so the wifi is perfect for me. I have used easytether before with my ROOTED HTC hero, but nothing wifi. sign me up.
  • Motorola DROID 2
    android 2.3 gingerbread
    verizon wireless unlimited.
    Device i will be tethering to xbox 360 3.2 ghz powerpc tri-core xenon
  • wwsearchwwsearch
    Ok lets do it..

    Samsung Galaxy d710
    Sprint unlimited data
    Android 2.3.6

    Tethering to HP Pavillion dm4 win7 Home edition 64

    Used tether nextel to laptop all the time..of course they supplied a program at that time. Tried a few others and stumbled on open garden. Was going to root and install but decide to check out this version.
  • Model: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    Carrier: Verizon Unlimited 4G

    Model: Asus Transformer
    OS: Android 3.2 Honeycomb
    Carrier: WIFI

    I have previously used Open Garden on a rooted thunderbolt and am grateful for the ability to tether data to increase productivity, especially when traveling. I have not yet rooted the Galaxy Nexus as I am still experiencing stock Android 4.0. Right now, the only reason I would see to root is to be able to use Open Garden. It would be great if it were available for non root users. Thank you
  • marcellotmarcellot
    0.00Beta Tester
    Android phone:
    Model: Droid2 Global
    Operating system: Android 2.3.3
    Carrier or type of internet connection: Verizon. Unlimited data plan

    model: Mac book pro
    Operating system: Mac os x 10.6 snow leopard
    Carrier: n/a

    OS: WIN7-PM.64(US-APAC)
    carrier :n/a

    I've used wireless tethering once before. Comes in handy when I don't have internet access in the area. Wifi works great while playing video games online. Im interested in learning more about open garden. Never heard or used any services provided by open garden.
  • Android phone:
    Model: Droid X
    Operating system: Android 2.3.3
    Carrier or type of internet connection: Verizon. Unlimited data plan

    Lenovo K1 ideapad
    Operating system: Android 3.2 Honeycomb
    Carrier: N/A

  • Model:HTC EVO
    Operating system: android
    Carrier: sprint

    I have been looking for a good tether app thanks for the opportunity.
  • Model: T-Mobile Sidekick
    Operating System: Android 2.3.4
    Carrier: T-Mobile ; 4g Network . Unlimited Data
  • Android phone
    1. Model: Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S
    2. Operating System: Android 2.3.5
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection: Verizon - Unlimited Data Plan 3G
    4. Computer MS Windows 7 Professional x64

    Thank you!
  • Android. Phone
    1. Model: DROID. Bionic 4g lyrics
    2. Operation system android
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection version, also century link, direct tv
    4. Unlimited data plan 4g
  • 1. model: Tmobile g2x
    2. Os: android 2.3.3
    3. Carrier/connection: tmobile/unlimited 4g (no cap)

    Will Be tethering my ipad2 or one of several laptops running linux.

    Have been tethering for years at first via bt then open garden on a rooted mytouch 3g. I tend to use about 3-4gb a month tethered. Just got the g2x as a replacement for a g2x that got shot at the range by a ricochet. Havent gotten around to rooting this phone, not sure i will, but am willing to test the non root version of app.
  • Model: HTC Rezound
    OS: Android 2.3.4
    Carrier: Verizon - 4G - Unlimited data

    Hardware: Macbook Pro 13inch
    OS: OSX 10.7 Lion

    Hardware: Macbook Air 11inch
    OS: OSX 10.7 Lion

    HP Touchpad 32GB
    Android 4.0 ICS

    I've run a few tethering programs throughout the years. PDA net, Wireless Tether, the built in tether on MIUI, Verizons own hotspot, and most recently Open Garden. I enjoyed the program on my Thunderbolt but have yet to root my Rezound. A root-less option would be great!

    Looking forward to being able to share my 4G connection again soon!
  • 1. Samsung Droid Charge SCH-I510
    2. Android 2.3.6
    3. Verizon 3G/4G unlimited
  • SusanSusan
    0.00Beta Tester
    Model: HTC Rezound
    OS: Android 2.3.4
    Carrier: Verizon
    4G Unlimited data plan
    Windows 7 on Laptop - WiFi
    Andriod 3.1 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - WiFi

    I use to use Open Garden with my Incredible and I loved it. I used the wireless WiFi with my laptop and my Samsung Galaxy tab. I have been unable to use Open Garden since I had received my new phone. I hope to be using it again soon.

  • Model: Samsung Charge
    OS: Android 2.3.6
    Carrier: Verizon - 4G - Unlimited data

    Hardware: Macbook Pro 13inch
    OS: OSX 10.7 Lion

    Hardware: Mac Pro Dual Quad 2011
    OS: OSX 10.7 Lion

    iPad I
    iPad II

    I've used Open garden on my Droid X. I loved it but lost the phone and change for a Droid X. Now I need to root this one, but the process is more complicated than with the Droid X and also I would like to avoid to have to root to be able to upgrade in 2 months.

  • About My Hardware
    Mobile devices:
    1. HTC Amaze 4G x 2 (one mine, one the wife's)
    2. Android Version 2.3.4 / HTC Sense Version 3.0 / Software Version 1.43.531.3
    3. T Mobile 4G with Unlimited Data (High speed up to 10GB option)

    Laptop 1
    1. Dell Latitude E5500
    2. Windows 7 Professional SP1
    3. N/A

    Laptop 2
    1. Toshiba Satellite L750
    2. Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit
    3. N/A

    Netbook 1
    1. Acer Aspire One
    2. Windows 7 Starter
    3. N/A

    About Me
    I enjoy long walks on the beach and a good comfy pair of slacks........

    But seriously. I "upgraded" from a T-Mobile G2 which I thethered all the time without difficulty, to the Amaze to discover they had blocked tethering once and for all. I extensively use Bluetooth also. I am a layman early adopter and a bit of a gadget freak. As a frequent traveller, tethering is essential to me, and while I can do a 3G tether on my company's blackberry, the slowness kills me. I just really object to giving t-mobile another $30 every month so my wife and I can have access to data we're already paying for.

    Open Garden was recommended by a friend and I am keen to try it, but I am not fond of the idea of rooting my phone to do so. I used to have a rooted HTC HD2 and could never get warm and fuzy with the compromise imposed on me by the rooting of that device. Plus, our Amazes are boith under warranty and experience dictates that, if you're going to buy HTC, you'd better hold on to the warranty as long as possible - Murphy's law applies doubly to HTC phones.

    I sincerely hope you'll consider me worthy of being a Beta tester for you.

  • kraussarkraussar
    0.00Beta Tester
    1. Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
    2. OS: Android 2.3.5
    3. Carrier: Verizon unlimited 3g

    I haven't rooted my phone and haven't tethered any devices with my phone. But I have an HP mini 210 netbook running the stock Windows Starter and a rooted Nook Color running Cyanogen Mod 7 that I would like to tether to my phone so I could use them when I'm commuting on the train.
  • mattknanmattknan
    1. Model: Samsung Stratosphere
    2. Operating: Android 2.3.5
    3. Carrier: Verizon/Unlimited 4g data

    1. Model: Acer
    2. Operating: Windows 7, 64 bit
    3. Carrier: N/A
  • ghazelghazel
    290.00Administrator, Moderator
    1. MacBook Air 13-inch Mid 2011
    2. OS X 10.7.2
    3. WiFi

    1. Nexus S
    2. Android 4.0.3
    3. T-Mobile

    1. Nexus S
    2. Android 2.3.3
    3. WiFi

    1. Samsung Galaxy S2
    2. Android 2.3.4
    3. WiFi
    Model: t-mobile myTouch Q.
    OS: gingerbread 2.3.4
    T-Mobile 4G unlimited data

    XBox 360 slim kinect
    Latest update

    Nintendo Wii black
    Current update

    Dell inspiron 6000
    Intel pro/wireless 2200bg chipset
    XP sp3 latest patch

    Acer aspire 5532
    Atheros AR5B93 wireless chipset
    Win 7 latest patch

    I have 16 years in the tech field, and experience in wireless networking between pc's and arm based micro controllers. I'm greatly looking forward to working with you all if I'm lucky enough to be accepted.
  • Model: Samsung Droid Charge, SCH-I510
    OS: 2.3.6
    Carrier: Verizon 4G LTE - Unlimited data plan.

    Devices: HP Pavilion dv5; Acer Aspire 5732Z; NOOK, first generation,

    Looking forward to giving it a spin.
  • Mobile device
    HTC Thunderbolt

    Win Vista ultimate self built computer with an AMD quad core 2.61GHZ Cpu and 8 gigs of ram on a multi boot system
    Win 7 ultimate Toshiba satelite A105-S4397
    Tablet with Win 8 developer preview Acer Iconia W500
    Server 2008 self built computer with an AMD quad core 2.61GHZ Cpu and 8 gigs of ram on a multi boot system
    Server 2003 self built computer with an AMD quad core 2.61GHZ Cpu and 8 gigs of ram on a multi boot system
    Win Xp self built computer with an AMD quad core 2.61GHZ Cpu and 8 gigs of ram on a multi boot system
    Ubuntu VMware virtual machine
    OS X 10 X Snow Leopard VMware virtual machine (hackintosh)

    Verizon 4G LTE

    Huge fan of Open Garden this app has been recommended to every person I know with root access
  • 1.LG Optimus Q
    2.Android 2.3.4
    3.Straight talk unlimited plan

    1. Acer Aspire laptop
    2. Windows 7

    Have tethered for 2 yrs with another phone without it being rooted with another provider until I was blocked.
    Looking into trying this app
  • luchyluchy
    0.00Beta Tester
    Android phone
    1) DroidX
    2) Android 2.3.3
    3) verizon 3G unlimited plan

    Android tablet
    1) Asus transformer prime
    2) Android 4.0.3
    3) N/A

    I am a novice at tethering. But I'd like to tether my new tablet to my unlimited plan
  • Mobile device
    Droid Bionic
    Gingerbread 2.3.4

    Win 7
    Win Vista
    Win XP
    OSX 10

    Verizon 4G LTE
  • Android
    1. model: Droid Incredible 2 (ADR 6350)
    2. Operating System: Android 2.3.4
    3. Carrier and type of internet connection: Verizon unlimited data plan

    I've used wireless tethering once before. Comes in handy when I don't have internet access in the area.
  • hardwareincludedhardwareincluded
    150.00Beta Tester
    Thank you in advance for this wonderful offer.

    Phone: HTC Thunderbolt
    Operating system: Gingerbread
    Carrier: Verizon wireless, unlimited data text and voice.

    Device: Motorola Xoom
    Operating system: honeycomb updated to ice cream
    No carrier, wifi, bluetooth capable

    Device: HP model dv2 1030us 64 bit
    Operating system: Windows Vista home premium, upgraded to Windows 7

    Paige and the Open Garden Team,
    My experience is only using bluetooth with my phones and wireless speakers I have tried tethering via a cabel to no avail. I find myself in many locals that a wifi hotspot does not exist or is to week to connect. It would be amazing to be a part of your Beta test and I will adhere to the rules of using the Private forum only and any other parameters set forth. Once again thank you in advance..... hardwareincluded, aka larry

  • 1 samsung epic
    2 android 2.3.6 windows 7 64 bit anlienware m17xr2
    3 sprint, comcast for wifi 3g anf 4g unlimited
    my phone used to be rooted but i cant get the new update to gingerbread to work on my phone so i cant root my phone anymore i try to tether to my laptop and my car so it can communicate with acura. I have an 2007 acura tl s type

  • Android phone
    Model: HTC Thunderbolt
    OS: Gingerbread 2.3.4
    Carrier: Verizon 4G unlimited plan

    Model: Macbook Pro
    OS: OSX Snow Leopard

    I don't need to tether ALL the time, but there are times where it would be really nice. It's the main reason I've wanted to root my phone, but I can't seem to find directions on how to do it post Gingerbread update. I'd rather not root if I don't have to, anyway. Would love to put this through its paces and report back, I beta test a lot of software and hardware, not just computers but other things as well, often working as a consultant.
  • 1. HTC EVO 3d
    2. Android 3.24, HTC sense 3.0,
    3. Sprint

    Previously rooted my Samsung epic 4g and used wifitether. I am not tethering because i haven't rooted.
  • 1. HTC Thunderbolt
    2. Android
    3. Verizon 4G-LTE

    Homebrew Intel I7 Core 6
    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit

    Dell Latutide D-830 Laptop
    Windows XP

    ASUS G53J Laptop
    Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit

    Apple iPad 2 WiFi only

    Retired Network Engineer with some work with Bluetooth experience. Quite a bit of experience working on and with WiFi. Also I am a ham radio operator

    I am interested in a tethering solution that doesnt require and extra $30 a month over and above the data plan to get. Thank you for this potential opportunity.
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