Security of the 'Open Garden' Client?
  • DcyMatrixDcyMatrix
    Hi :-)
    First of all awesome client!
    So far had no problems, but I do have a few questions.

    First of all, how is the security of the client? Like can the data be sniffed while traveling the mesh itself?
    Lets say one client can sniff its own Bluetooth packages, will that client be able to see what is going on in clear text? or is the connections between the mesh clients encrypted?
    If they are indeed encrypted, what protocol is used to secure our information + what strength is the encryption?

    I would suggest a FAQ somewhere to explain the possible dangers of this sorta technology, like man-in-the-middle attacks when a mesh client goes from for example a phone to a wireless access point to access the internet in clear text
    (not SSL encrypted). In this context maybe explain why SSL is important *cough* *FireSheep* *cough*.

    Will there in future version be an option to regulate how much data your willing to share on any given device?

    Thank you!
  • shalunovshalunov
    1470.00Administrator, Moderator
    Of course you're right—if you want proper security, it needs to be end-to-end. TLS (or SSL) is a step in the right direction there.

    And yes, we will add more controls to data usage in the future.
    Stanislav Shalunov
    CTO, Open Garden
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